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Sarah Pendergest, DFM, LMT, Owner

Sarah opened Greater Louisville Massage Therapy in 2008 after feeling called to become a massage therapist. Her Bachelors of Science degree earned in 2007 from the University of Evansville, where she studied gross anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics, has propelled Sarah's knowledge for the musculature system to a higher standard of massage therapy to optimally benefit her clients. Her knowledge of the human body as a licensed and board certified massage therapist, paired with her degree in Exercise Science, gives her clients a unique experience where massage and healthy-lifestyle can meet. She studied massage therapy at Bodyworks Massage Institute in Evansville and Louisville School of Massage.

In 2018 she saw her practice was evolving, and the clients were growing to trust the practice with all their muscular needs, so she knew the practice needed a name that truly reflected what it did. In June of 2019, she officially changed the name of her business to MyoTherapy Wellness; a full focus of muscle health! Now, you will see and hear her speak of 'myotherapy' work; meaning muscle therapy.

At the end of 2019, Sarah enrolled in Kingdom College of Natural Health to become a Doctor of Functional Medicine. Her goal is to help clients and patients battle chronic diseases and systemic inflammation by using integrative treatment plans.

Sarah is an advocate for living an active lifestyle and encourages each of her clients to do the same. She believes in it so much that she even trademarked the logo Go -ing. to inspire people to go out and make life an adventure!

Due to Sarah's many years of practice and large clientele base, she is not taking new myotherapy clients right now, but is accepting new Functional Medicine patients.

Nikki Palmer, MyoKitchen Chef

Born and raised in Oldham County, Nikki recognized from a young age that food is a “cure all”.
Growing up around a grandmother that owned several restaurants throughout her life and
another grandmother that learned to cook from some true southern cooks, had the palette for
true comfort food.

Knowing that all emotions and moods can be changed with the simple taste of something sweet
or savory Nikki enrolled into the culinary arts program at Sullivan University in the fall of 2001.
During the following few years Nikki worked at a few restaurants around the Louisville area, but
the restaurant life just was not fulfilling so she decided to change course.
Over the course of Nikki’s adult life she has tried her hands at a few different career paths but
always ended up back cooking.

In 2016, Nikki was approached by a physician friend asking her to become the executive
chef of his new vegan restaurant. This lit a spark in her drive to create healthy food that has the
same comfort taste.

Nikki is currently a stay at home mom and homeschools her two children.

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